Furniture and Finish Selection

Aaron Carlson Design puts together carefully selected furniture items that fit your needs and style. Fabrics are chosen for each specific piece to create a customized design. Pillows and window coverings are selected to add color, texture, and interest to a room. 

Finish selection involves the surface materials of a space. Paint color, flooring, wall covering, tile, and countertops are a small sampling of the items that the designers can select for you.

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When renovating a home, Aaron Carlson Design creates a new design that caters to your needs. Detailed design drawings that convey the design intent and specific products used are provided for your contractor. This ensures that a project is done correctly and that you can sit back and relax throughout the construction process.

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New Build

The designers at Aaron Carlson Design work side by side with architects and builders to create homes that are stunning from the ground up. Making sure room layouts are functional for your lifestyle is key when building a new home. Every detail is selected with design intent; from plumbing fixtures and tile to door knobs and lighting.



Art and accessories make a design shine. Once a space is completed and furniture is in place, Aaron Carlson Design can help add the final touches to your project, big or small. Using new items combined with your personal treasures finishes a space and makes it feel like a home.